When should I replace my Hearing Aids

When should I replace my Hearing Aids

Patients often ask “ When should I replace my hearing aids ?” . There are numerous factors to consider when replacing or upgrading your hearing devices . Here are a number of questions to ask yourself before making a decision

Are your current hearing aids functioning well ?
To perform at their best hearing aids require maintenance and an occasional technical service . Hearing aids are worn on the body and so are exposed to heat and humidity aswell as external elements such as rain and dust . At least part of your devices are worn inside the ear and so may be exposed to wax ingression . Without reasonably regular maintenance the performance of hearing aids will slowly diminish over time . Because this is a gradual process many people will just “ live with it” without realising they can do something to improve the situation . The Bottom Line is if your hearing aids are not performing well our advice is to have them checked thoroughly before making a decision to purchase new ones .

Are your current hearing aids fully meeting your hearing needs ?
Are your hearing aids delivering benefit in the situations that matter to you . If they are then all is well however if you see room for improvement then maybe its time to consider newer better technology .

Are your current hearing aids meeting your hearing prescription ?
The prescription in your hearing aids is based on your latest test result . Much like your eyesight, as we get older our hearing deteriorates gradually .To verify that your devices are meeting your current hearing needs it is advisable to have your hearing checked at least once a year . If your hearing has worsened your audiologist should be able to adjust your prescription to your current requirement . If it is not possible to adjust your hearing aids to a sufficient extent you should consider replacing them .

Is it worth upgrading to take advantage of new technologies ?
Weigh up the cost of the new hearing aids against the benefits you expect to receive . For example most new hearing devices are now fully rechargeable which means no more buying,changing and having to dispose of used batteries . Connectivity has now arrived in a big way meaning you can now connect to your mobile phone making telephone conversations a much easier and more pleasant experience . Sound processing has improved to the extent that some manufacturers are openly claiming that their hearing devices are enabling speech understanding on a par with normal hearing . Leinster Hearing in Carlow Town offer a Free 4 week Home Trial so you can try out for yourself these wonderful new technologies .

The costs of replacing/upgrading your hearing aids
Hearing aids are an investment in your quality of life . Better quality hearing devices last longer and have more features allowing for better speech understanding and ease of use . Our advice is to ensure you deal with an experienced , professionally qualified audiologist who provides a local and accessible aftercare service . The government hearing aid grant of €1000 is available to most people(and their spouses) who have paid PRSI during their working life . You can become eligible for a new grant every 4 years so if you are thinking of upgrading this is a consideration . You may also be able to claim a further 20 per cent Med1 rebate if you are still paying tax . Leinster Hearing Carlow offer digital hearing aids from €400 per aid (net of grant & Med1 rebate) and a Free aftercare service .

If you are a hearing aid user and are either not totally satisfied with how your current devices are working or you are thinking of an upgrade please contact us at Leinster Hearing and we will do our utmost to help in any way we can.

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