A New Method in Assessing Your Hearing Loss

A New Method in Assessing Your Hearing Loss

The Old School

Traditional hearing assessments happen in a clinic, a place where only the audiologist spends a lot of time. After perhaps an hour long consultation clients are expected to make a decision to purchase hearing aids they have never worn before.

A More Modern Approach

At Leinster Hearing Carlow this old-fashioned, flawed approach does not exist. As part of our standard assessment procedure we offer all our clients the opportunity of a FREE Home Trial. This essentially allows the client to experience all the benefits of the very latest in hearing technology in their own real world environment… and all completely FREE of charge. A real world assessment shows the client what they will be able to hear rather than an audiologist telling them what they cannot .
It is complete common sense to Try Before You Buy. Numerous independent surveys clearly reveal that a huge majority of people considered a trial to be beneficial.

How It Works

On arrival at the hearing clinic the patients hearing level is assessed. If a permanent treatable hearing loss is detected we will then place a pair of digital trial hearing aids on the ears. The hearing instruments are then programmed to his/her prescription and a trial duration is determined usually anything from 2 to 6 weeks .The hearing aids will automatically switch off at the end of the trial period.
The trial enables the client to make an informed decision based on their own personal experience. Its as simple as that. If they wish to proceed with treatment new hearing aids are ordered, if not they just hand them back.

Major Advances in the World of Hearing AidTechnology

The last 12 months has seen some significant advances in Hearing Aid Technology.
The main features are as follows;

Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries. Fully integrated batteries have arrived meaning that there is no more hassle with changing or buying new batteries. The batteries are actually built into the hearing aids which also makes them much more moisture and dust resistant.

World Leading Manufacturers Phonak, Unitron and Signia have introduced brand new sound processors, the Marvel, Discover and Xperience respectively. These technologies promise to deliver supreme sound quality making conversation even in noisier environments much easier to understand.

Bluetooth Connectivity has also arrived allowing handsfree connection to both Android and iphone phones. When your phone rings you simply touch a button on your hearing aid and you hear the call directly and clearly into your ears . Your voice is carried back to the caller via the microphones on the hearing aids so theres no need to even touch the phone.

All of these wonderful new technologies are available to take on a FREE HOME TRIAL from Leinster Hearing Services Carlow, your Local Hearing Centre. Just drop in or call us for an appointment.

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