Look after your ears and you will have a lifetime of hearing

Look after your ears and you will have a lifetime of hearing

Our amazing gift of hearing is arguably our most valuable sense. It enables us to communicate, socialise and work. It also helps us to stay connected to the outside world and keeps us safe in our environment. Unfortunately, as we grow older, much like our eyesight, our hearing begins to decline. This is often a very gradual process which accelerates with age.

Recognise the symptoms:

The most obvious symptoms, which become more pronounced with time, are louder than normal TV, continuously asking others to repeat themselves and an inability to hear in noise which makes socialising extremely difficult. The more insidious effects of hearing loss are the pschological ones.

Untreated hearing loss can seriously damage ones mental well-being as it often leads to feelings of depression and isolation. A series of studies out of the world renowned John Hopkins University has indicated strong links between hearing loss and cognitive decline.


Age related hearing loss, known as presbycusis, is by far and away the most common type of hearing loss. It is a condition affecting the inner ear and most often occurs in both ears. In the vast majority
of cases it is not medically treatable ie through surgery or medications although Hearing Aids, properly fitted and programmed can be very effective. Hearing Aids do not fully restore hearing but they can greatly assist the ability to communicate which can make a vast contribution to the quality of life of not only the wearer but also for the rest of the family.

Modern Hearing Aid Design:

Todays hearing Aids come in many shapes and sizes. New generation Hearing Instruments are now designed very much with ease of use and comfort in mind. The tiny in-the-ear Signia Silk is so inconspicuous that it is practically invisible. Open- Fit devices such as Unitron’s MoxiALL are extremely comfortable to wear as only a very small part of the hearing aid sits in the ear canal.

Tomorrows Technology Today: New advanced technologies enable the user to hear like never before, even in difficult listening situations. Excellent quality Hearing Instruments such as Oticons OPN self adjust depending on the sound environment making for easier speech under- standing. Most modern Hearing Aids are now connectible to mobile phones and can even be hooked up to computers
and TV via bluetooth. Rechargeable Hearing Aids have now arrived which again adds to ease of use
as the batteries need to be changed only every one to four years. All of the above designs and technologies are available to try out in our dedicated hearing centre in Carlow Town.

The Costs:

At Leinster Hearing Services Carlow
a pair of Hi-Tech digital Rechargeable Hearing Aids from one of the leading manufacturers mentioned above can cost as little as €1040 if the government grant (€1000) and the Med1 rebate (20%) are availed
of. Included is free inclinic aftercare service in our hearing centre in Carlow Town which is open Monday to Friday.

Why Leinster Hearing Carlow? Leinster Hearing

Carlow is a fully Irish owned, family run business. Unlike most providers who are owned by a single manufacturer, we are an Independent which means we can offer the greatest choice of the latest designs and technologies. It is also an established fact that locally owned independent businesses are synonymous with providing a much higher level of personal service to their clients.

What to do:

If you suspect that you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss the first thing to do is to have your hearing assessed with us at Leinster Hearing Carlow. We offer a walk-in service or alternatively you can call us to arrange a predetermined appointment time. The initial assessment, which is Free of charge takes no more than 10 minutes.

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