World leading hearing aid manufacturer SONOVA who own the prestigious PHONAK and UNITRON brands have introduced their latest ground-breaking technologies which promise hugely improved hearing to the many millions of people around the world who suffer from the detrimental effects of hearing loss .

It is widely known that , much like our eyesight , our hearing diminishes with age leading to profound effects on our quality of life . Numerous peer reviewed scientific studies going back as far as the 1960’s clearly indicate that untreated hearing loss can have serious physical and mental repercussions . Hearing aids have been around for the best part of a century but were generally a very blunt instrument in dealing with a subject as subtle as a loss of speech understanding .

The great news is that all of this is changing . Hearing aid manufacturers such as the aforementioned Sonova are employing the very latest technologies to enable us to hear and understand much better even in difficult noisy environments . Phonaks Marvel hearing instruments have been a phenomenal success with our patients and have won practically every international design and technology award

The really big breakthroughs have been in the area of sound processing notably exampled by UNITRONS brand new SoundCore signal processor which has just become available to us here at Leinster Hearing Carlow . This technology will provide a “seamless natural listening experience that helps wearers hear conversations more clearly and comfortably in every environment “.
At least thats what UNITRON are boldly claiming . The only sure way to find out if all these wonderful predictions are true is to try them out for yourself .

To that end we here at Leinster Hearing Carlow are offering a completely FREE 30 DAY HOME TRIAL with either the Phonak Marvel , Unitrons new MoxiMove with (SoundCore) or Siemens Signia Xperience Hearing Aids. We will give you a FREE hearing test and then send you home with the hearing instruments of your choice . At the end of the trial you make a decision based on your own personal experience . All you have to do is drop into our clinic or ring us to book an appointment,

All the above Hearing Instruments are fully Rechargeable and are connectible via Bluetooth to mobile phones , TV etc.

The Costs

• Hearing Test FREE
• 30 Day Home Trial FREE
• Lifetime Aftercare FREE
• Hearing Aids (Net of DSP Grant* and Med1 Rebate*) Start at €720 Per Aid
• subject to eligibility

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